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What if famous people really were from outer space? Our famous cyborg stickers for your Mac laptop reiterate that notion with pizazz. Made to fit over the glowing logo of any Mac laptop, the famous cyborg's eyes glow and so will your friends when they see your pimped out laptop. Just click on any image below to enlarge it and see a preview of what it looks like on the laptop.

cyborg laptop

Barack Obama Cyborg Bumper Sticker

Barack Obama Cyborg

Britney Spears Cyborg Bumper Sticker

Britney Spears Cyborg

David Hasselhoff Cyborg Bumper Sticker

David Hasselhoff Cyborg

Dwight Schrute Cyborg Bumper Sticker

Dwight Schrute Cyborg

George Bush Cyborg Bumper Sticker

George Bush Cyborg

Kevin Rose Cyborg Bumper Sticker

Kevin Rose Cyborg

Miley Cyrus Cyborg Bumper Sticker

Miley Cyrus Cyborg

Paris Hilton Cyborg Bumper Sticker

Paris Hilton Cyborg

Sarah Palin Cyborg Bumper Sticker

Sarah Palin Cyborg

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