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How Big Are Our Bumper Stickers?

There are currently over 1200 bumper stickers on our site and that number grows each day. Each bumper sticker is a different size and most have unique shapes that they are cut into. Because of this and the fact that we're slightly lazy, we do not have exact measurements for every sticker on our site.

Don't fret. You can still get a pretty good idea as to how big your sticker will be. All of our stickers are designed to fit within a 10" wide by 4" high sticker area. No sticker on our site is bigger than these dimensions. Based on the shape of the sticker, and if it's taller or shorter, square, round or oblong, it is designed to fill up as much of 10" x 4" space as possible.

If you're totally confused at this point then the following examples may clear things up for you.

So basically what we're trying to say is that you're not going to ever know the exact dimensions of our stickers until you get them in the mail, but you can make a pretty good educated guess as to how big it's probably going to be.